seo-app-trafficSearch engine optimization (SEO) is all about increasing the chances of your Push Money App site ranking on top of the search results, but many webmasters still find this process confusing and intimidating. It takes time and skill to properly optimize web pages. The following are a few tips that can help you become an SEO expert.

Without a doubt, search engine optimization is one of the best marketing tools you can use online, but if you ignore article submissions you won’t get the results you want. Finding the best article directories where you can submit your articles can significantly boost your search visibility.

A good way to draw attention to your website is to post comments on relevant blogs in your niche. What’s great about this technique is that you’re taking advantage of the traffic another site receives. The best case scenario is you can get a high quality and relevant backlink to your site and perhaps even a recommendation from the owner of the blog if he sees your website is of high quality.

It’s ideal to take on your SEO efforts similar to how you complete your homework. Completing a term paper, for instance, requires a systematic approach. You should use the same thing when executing your SEO campaigns. You must research about your business, come up with a synopsis, list all important points, and double check all methods you plan to use to ensure you’re getting closer toward your business goals.

Many webmasters tend to place too much emphasis on the header of their website, but optimizing the footer can actually be effective as well. The footer is an excellent place to add navigation links which allow both search engine spiders and online visitors to jump around your site. The footer links must redirect visitors to the most important pages of the site.

Link exchange has long been used by several site owners, but the latest changes in the search algorithms prompt many to shift to article exchange instead. This is commonly referred to as guest posting in which you post an article created by another webmaster on your blog and place a link back to his site. You can provide the other webmaster with an article of your own, and he’ll do the same thing. Both sides benefit from new and relevant content as well as a highly relevant link.

Including links to lists is an immensely popular technique used by thousands of bloggers. There are countless articles on the web written as a list of “top 10” tips or facts about a particular topic. You can take advantage of this by crafting a “top 10” article of your own, thus compelling other site owners to link back to your webpage.

Your target keywords must not only be used in the content itself, but in the navigation links and the title of your website as well. Search engine crawlers run through these elements first before taking a look at your main content, so be sure that they contain relevant keywords to give you an SEO boost.

app-trafficIt’s also common to link back to the home page from other pages on your push money app site, but when doing do be sure to link to the exact domain name instead of other iterations with /index.html or similar in the end. This enables search engines to understand that your site only has one main homepage, which is the exact domain name. Confusing the search spiders by linking to /index.html wouldn’t do you any favors.

Your title tag must get the message across while encouraging visitors to click through. Look at the topmost bar of your web browser. It contains the title of the current page you’re viewing. Be sure that this title concisely summarizes what the page talks about. Of course, this must be achieved while using your target keywords to get an extra boost in organic rankings.

Don’t forget to optimize the description meta tag as this gets displayed on the search listings. About 160 characters will be shown, so make the most out of this limited number of characters. This is a great opportunity to convince search engine users to click through to your site over the other results in the SERP.

By now, you should realize that SEO isn’t as complicated as you might think. What’s important is to get to know the SEO basics and master them. By employing whitehat SEO strategies, you can enjoy higher organic rankings and drive a huge amount of targeted traffic to your Push Money App website.